We leverage our multidisciplinary, agile, data-informed and human centered design approach to execute a range of engineering projects for our partners, creating innovative solutions to charter the fourth industrial revolution.


Gearbox’s flagship initiatives are our investments in capabilities that make a significant impact in the inclusive dissemination of the 4th industrial Revolution Technologies to the Kenyan economy.

Gearbox Europlacer is an world class electronics manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards Assemblies (PCBA), also know as motherboards. We will help guide our customers develop ideas into intelligent electronic hardware solutions.

Gearbox Europlacer is a joint venture between Gearbox Kenya (the regions leading hardware incubator, Parable Trust (the owners of Europlacer, one of the worlds leading electronic manufacturing equipment vendor) and Wellers Impact (a reputable London based impact investment firm).
Machine.ANI (Machine Africa Networks of Industries) is a shared production space that is used to enable and house micro-factories that convert manufacturing inputs to finished products.
It represents a unique demonstration of the provision of shared resources to Jua Kali artisans and informal manufacturers. Access to modern capital-intensive manufacturing machines that are capital intensive that are not readily accessible by Jua kali artisans.


The COVID-19 pandemic has challenging for Africa, not only from the risk of the disease, but also, exposing the fragility of existing supply chains. The global shortage of basic medical commodities such as PPE, has challenged us to act fast and think locally. Gearbox incubates and engineers have been innovating to add value in fighting the pandemic.