We provide training that allows mastery in industry leading tools for design including Autodesk software as well as traditional machinery, including automated (CNC) machining, 3D printing, and wood and metal working. 

Training covers all angles and category of skills needs:

  1. Provides a platform for innovators graduating from technical institutions with hands on training to allow them be market ready and apply already acquired knowledge. See below one such engineers set to revolutionalise the health sector
  2. Provides non academic technicians, craftsmen and tinkerers to utilize tools that aid their innovation/products improve in quality and save on time and resources. 

Classes unlike anywhere else...

Gearbox is here to serve entrepreneurs, and we know you're busy. All of our classes are designed to be practical, hands-on, fast-paced, and high-impact. Each class is no more than four hours long and is limited to five members at a time, giving everyone plenty of hands-on practice with the equipment and one-on-one feedback from the instructor.

Each class is focused on a specific topic, and prepares you to use the equipment being taught on your own. You can take as many or as few classes as you want, in any order you want. 

We have almost 30 modules covering every process available within Gearbox. Take the one you need and get started fast, or take them all and become a master prototyper!

Class Fees

Non Members

Introductory/Level      KShs 2,000 per class

Level 2                        KShs 3,000 per class

Premium                       KShs 4,000 per class


Introductory/Level        KShs 500 per class

Level 2                          KShs 1,000 per class

Premium                        KShs 4,000 per class



Learn everything you need to build worlds next best machine...