Tech Support

We understand the importance of time and resources in industrial manufacturing. Our community provides a mix of industry professionals, artists, designers, inventors, entrepreneurs, engineers, makers, fabbers, potential partners, and creatives within an environment deliberately designed for designing and building. These individuals and businesses helps you realise your innovation / target without you having to worry. You can engage us either through:

  1.  CONTRACTING our services
  2. Booking a machine 
  3.  Membership . 


Gearbox Contracting has a diverse team of technical experts and world class tools  to help you achieve your innovation.

We engage three types of clients:

  1. Innovators who have a concept that needs design and prototyping 
  2. Innovators that already have fit to concept design and need prototyping services
  3. Individuals and businesses who require specialised manufacturing processes



  1. Design Fee/Hour  Kshs 2,500 + VAT
  2. Prototyping cost dependent on materials and design complexity

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Machine Booking

Machines available for reservation:

  1. 4-axis CNC mill - 1,000 KSh per hour

  2. 120 watt 36" x 24" laser cutter - 1,000 KSh per hour

  3. Makerbot Replicator 2 3D Printer - 250 KSh per hour


Tullow Oil Kenya

We designed and developed solutions for information dissemination to indigenous communities using 3D printing technology  


Supported Phillips in carrying out research on how to harness sustainable energy 


The project involves design and development of hardware solutions for distribution of clean drinking water in urban communities using sustainable energy source. . 




We are trusted by global brands to deliver innovation