Paygo Energy

Led by Nick Quitong, PayGo Energy set out to solve energy problems by developing a clean energy distribution service that harnesses the power of pay-as-you-go-technology to bring modern fuel to homes not just in Kenya but world wide.


Usafi Comfort

An onsite wastewater management solutions provider for the Eastern Africa Market. We've partnered with global engineering research and product development companies to develop, manufacture and distribute water-saving devices and wastewater recycling products that are uniquely suited to the Eastern Africa Market.

Proteq Automation Ltd

Proteq Automation Ltd is at the forefront of offering the latest in industrial automation technology, industrial machine manufacturing, and product development. The company also offers in-depth training programs in a wide spectrum of manufacturing technologies.



Esvendo has leveraged hardware technology to implement a social inclusionproject (SIP) by building a sanitary towel vending machine. The technologyimproves access by making the towels affordable sanitary towels for women andgirls aged 13-45. This is achieved through strategic sanitary vending machineplacements in institutions, and public facilities like public toilets.



Preg-mum has developed a grassroots-level user-friendly device for fetal Pl heart rate monitoring and maternal blood pressure monitoring during critical stages of pregnancy then automatically transmit data in real-time to nurses and doctors at maternal care Centres .



SasaLog developed PoS system (the terminal and its software) and business-to-business co-operation platform that allow businesses to connect with their supply chain. The device is also able to perform prepaid mobile airtime refills using NFC or QR-Code based and print prepaid mobile airtime PIN receipts.



Homgenius specializes in interlocking concrete block products. The Company has designed and developed an automated brick making machine.  



Arinifu, have developed a device called 'The smart brooder'. This is an environmental control device which ensures the conditions in the brooding space are kept within optimum levels, thus leading to high efficiency and overall better results. The device is fitted with GSM/SMS capability which allows for alerts to your phone in case of any problem.


Micrive Infinite

Micrive Infinite Limited works towards improving the outcome of reconstructive surgery using 3D Printing with Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgeons by providing to them Patient-specific, anatomically accurate 3D printed models. These are used to extend the doctor's treatment planning to include activities that are otherwise carried out during the surgery.