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Want to take advantage of all that Gearbox has to offer? Becoming a member is your first step. While anyone can attend our training classes, and events, only Gearbox members can use the machines on their own after Training. Members also get substantial discounts on training and class fees, priority for limited seating events, and have exclusive access to a range of business and product development support services. 

Joining is easy, just fill out the application below. Everyone is welcome at Gearbox regardless of education, background, skill set, or experience. Unfortunately, our space is limited, so sign up now!

Membership Options

Membership Dues

Student Memberships -- 1,000 KSh/month
Access the space any one (1) day per week.

1st Gear Memberships -- 4,000 KSh/month
Access the space any two (2) days per week.

2nd Gear Memberships -- 6,000 KSh/month
Access the space all day Saturday, and after 4pm Monday through Friday.

3rd Gear Memberships -- 10,000 KSh/month
Access the space all day, six (6) days per week.



  • 1st Gear - 4,000 KSh

  • 2nd Gear - 6,000 KSh

  • 3rd Gear - 10,000 KSh

  • Student - 1,000 KSh

Download the mechanical training modules and cost

Download the electrical training modules and costs

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Operating Hours 

Mon - Fri:  9am to 9pm
Sat:  10am to 5pm

Email us:

Call us:  (+254)790.406.265

Visit us at Avon Center, along Enterprise road, Industrial Area


1.     Items marked with an * are required, all others are optional.

2.     Everyone is welcome at Gearbox, regardless of skill level, experience, or background. However, preference is given to fully completed applications.

3.     We can only accept payment via M-Pesa. Till No: 130880 (Gearbox Limited)

4.     Additional fees apply beyond membership dues for training, hourly machine use, and other services. 

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