The French Presidential Council at Gearbox

On the 13th March 2019 we had an exciting opportunity to host the French Presidential Council that accompanied President Emmanuel Macron on his trip to Nairobi.

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The delegation, the Presidential Council for Africa (CPA), created on 29 August 2017, is a body composed of nine personalities from civil society, aimed at providing the President of the Republic of France with insight into the stakes involved in the relationship between France and Africa. Listening to the actors of this new relationship, in particular young Africans and diasporas, the CPA provides the Head of State with an overview of perceptions on the ground in sectors of the future such as education, training, culture, health, mobility, digital technology, entrepreneurship and the climate. It is then up to it to formulate, on the basis of these, concrete public policy proposals and actions.

The Delegation getting a tour from Dr. Kamau

The Delegation getting a tour from Dr. Kamau

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With the agenda of equipping young people for employment using digital technology there was a panel (at Nairobi Garage) that exchanged views on the challenges of digital technology and new technologies, which offer new training opportunities for young people and are a driving force for employment.


The panel comprised of;

  • Dr. Kamau Gachigi from Gearbox, on the manufacturing and development of digital tools in favor of job creation,

  • Jane Mwangi from KCB Foundation, on the 2jajiri initiative and the formalization of artisans from the informal sector,

  • Wakiuru Njuguna from Heva Fund, on the incubation and financing of entrepreneurial projects,

  • Laila Macharia from Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI) School, on training for employment in the digital age

  • Stéphane Andre from Ecole Rubika, on digital technologies as applied to video games and animation content,

  • Charles Houdart from the French Development Agency (AFD), on the cultural and creative Industries and the support of entrepreneurial ecosystems.