UK trade delegation in Gearbox

With the news of the Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom visiting the country last year came even better news for us as we got an opportunity to host the business delegation that accompanied her.

image_from_ios (1).jpg

The visit comprised of a quick tour of the space; the workshop and companies within the space and a 30 minute session that was quite interactive in that members of the Gearbox community were able to interact with the said delegation.

In the interaction we realized there were some issues commonly shared i.e member company Pregmum that has the fetal heart monitor designed for the local market would solve an equally disturbing problem in some part of the UK to aid in maternal heath.


Gearbox being a hardware accelerator that provides members with access to modern machines for prototyping and low volume manufacture is keen on creating/ partnering with others to create such opportunities for our members.

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