The Chicken Brooder among winners ISHOW 2018

Poultry farming is done by almost 80% of the agricultural sector however, the problem of high mortalities in chicks due to temperature fluctuations especially at night, carbon monoxide poisoning and stunted growth even with enough feed has led to financial losses and high stress levels since one has to wake up at 4am to ensure the chicks are fine.

Arinifu is a company on the fore front of agricultural innovation to promote sustainable poultry farming. To curb this problem, they built the smart chicken brooder, an environmental controller for small scale poultry farmers.

The hardware is fitted with sensors that monitor the environmental conditions and a processor that determines the requirements of the chicks and is automatically able to adjust the requirements to optimal levels.

chicken brooder.PNG

It has real time sms where the farmer is notified of a problem and reminders of when the chicks need to be vaccinated.

The chicken brooder has already been piloted and being used by farmers who are happy that the death rate of chicks has been reduced, the growth rate is high and the feeds consumed is relatively low.

Arinifu under George Chege has participated in the ISHOW 2017 and 2018 where it finally emerged among the winners in the ISHOW 2018.

George Chege receiving an award an ISHOW

George Chege receiving an award an ISHOW

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