Generation tech innovation

Young people have been in the recent years taken stride steps towards disrupting the known tech social comfort and aligning themselves towards industry 4.0; Fourth Industrial Revolution. They are putting their own twist on the ways that technology gets turned into products. From school curriculum, tech competitions and early exposure they are stimulated to throw today’s technology in every aspect of the day to day activities.

 While they have an appetite for global trends, African music, fashion, art and literature, Gearbox is encouraging solving of local problems by applying innovative local young talents.

Gearbox as a tech community has been resource center for giving technological empowerment mainly by offering training in future technology systems (AI and Robotics, IOT, Embedded systems among others) and mastery in industry leading tools as well as administering guidance and mentorship to innovative minds.

This has overwhelmingly attracted university and secondary school students, a clear indication of the depth of interest and passion among the young people. Here, they have an opportunity to learn and build products around human centered designs for a problem and gain skills to work on individual projects.

-Students from International School of Kenya, in Grade 10 researching on their projects--

-Alex working on his project Bike Box, a generator in a box for motorbikes-

- Emanuele Chiti working on building a ball launcher-

More so, before building prototypes, they are given a moment to present their ideas whereby they are challenged on different levels of innovation to help them broaden their minds and design around long term and sustainable solutions.

-Form three students from Nova Pioneer pitch their ideas at Gearbox-

-Ryan Napo, pitching his idea of using Artificial Intelligence and Virtual and Augmented Reality to treat drug addiction-

-Adrian Ndiritu, pitching his idea of using Virtual Reality in teaching history-

-Isaac Muendo,introduces us to his company Stag Chat Studio that employs embedded systems to give e-learning applications for smart devices-

We acknowledge that children and youth have the greatest stake in the future so they must be engaged as agents of innovation and change. Young people around the world have made valuable contributions to sustainable development, and we shall keep promoting the free flow of innovative talent.

A visit from Young Engineers, a center that exposes young minds to tech possibilities by use of legos

A visit from Young Engineers, a center that exposes young minds to tech possibilities by use of legos