Hardware solutions for Human-Wildlife conflict

Conflicts between people and wildlife currently rank amongst the main threats to conservation in Africa. In Kenya, for instance, with much of the wildlife living outside protected areas, one of the real challenges to conservation is how to enhance and sustain coexistence between people and wild animals.

Gearbox joined other stakeholders in a community conservation program at Amboseli that was aimed at giving solutions to Human Wildlife Conflict. In collaboration with Wildlife direct, we built two prototypes to support the cause, which were successfully tested during this period;

 Flashing lights - The flashing lights systems are motion activated lights that blink severally once a trespassing elephant approroaches it. This intimidates the elephants and keeps them away from peoples territories.

A chillifumer – Since chillies irritate elephants, providing an unpleasant experience, the chillifumer generates chili fumes that keep the elephants away without harm.

At Amboseli with students from Princeton's university, Columbian university, American university and Wildlife direct

Gearbox continues to offer hardware solutions to local problems.