The cartoon tuned automated programmable school Bell

We are living in the world of automation where all the activities are getting automated through the use of advanced programmable controllers in home automation and industrial automation systems. An automatic school timer system reduces the effort needed to turn on or off an electric bell manually that gives alarm for certain intervals of time based on school timings. This automatic system is a micro-controller based project that uses a simple basic microcontroller, which makes this product affordable.

Oki Agaya Okwiri discovered his interest in building unique bells in 4th year when he built a simple bell for then Lavington Primary school during his volunteer work. After completing his bachelor’s in electrical and electronics engineering from Nairobi University, he got exposed to Gearbox that gave him the tools and resources to build better. With Nick Kimali, an electrical engineer, they built an automated programmable school bell for Kids Zone Educational Center at Kikuyu, Nairobi.

This automatic school bell timer system is designed using a basic microcontroller for managing time intervals. Read or Write memory is also necessary for storing bell timings, and it’s uploaded with melodious tunes for a ring tone (cartoon tunes) that is easily adaptable to the the kids.

In future, Oki will improve the system to provide for software and a device to give user flexibility in uploading their school timetable and offer display of information in a seven-segment display for a user interface purpose.