Work in Progress

The new Gearbox space is hustling and bustling: Our newly partitioned board room receives a unique ceiling and our electrical engineers are busy with preparing the leased office spaces for Usafi Comfort and Village Industrial Power (VIP) by fixing the lamps and electrical trunkings. Another milestone we achieved is the basic completion of the workshop on ground floor – the painting is done and the lamps got installed so that everything shines bright now.



Those achievements make the next week being full of exciting news: the ground floor will be cleaned; safety marks will be set up and all our machines will find their place in the workshop. We will paint and furnish the board room. And we will produce our first self-designed co-working space table and test it! We welcome you to be part of our progress and follow our daily work on Instagram and Co.

ASME Innovation Showcase (ISHOW) at Gearbox

Gearbox identified three participants in the competition. The three participants pitched their presentations on 21st of April 2017 at Gearbox Avon center. The event was attended by the executive director of Gearbox Dr. Kamau Gachigi.

IMG_9256 copy edd.png


The first presentation was from Prof. Mulana of the university of Nairobi. His presentation was about potential of the enzymes isolated from unique microorganisms in Kenya. The second presentation was from Dr. Mbatia Betty of Technical university of Kenya. Her presentation was about production of biodiesel from waste cooking oil. The third presentation was from Dr. Ernest odhiambo who talked about electricity generation through gasification of biomass in cyclone system.


There was a question and answer session where the people in attendance asked questions and sought clarifications on the presentations made. Gearbox in partnership with Ishow will offer support to the three participants in a way that will help them achieve their set objectives.

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Job Opportunity

The International School of Kenya - Design Lab Teaching Assistant