First Ever Guts’n’Glory Competition Winner

This month's winner -- Luide Kakembo

This month's winner -- Luide Kakembo

Last week, we held the first Guts’n’Glory night competition at Gearbox, and it was a rousing success! Nine contestants presented a slew of great ideas they would like to build at Gearbox ranging from hydroponics testing rigs to interactive art displays, from solar-powered off-grid refrigeration to IoT water sensors. The judges – made up of our first 10 generous donors who contributed a total of 50,000 KSh towards the prize – had a hard time of it. Each and every contestant gave a solid pitch, despite only having five minutes to get their idea across.

Ultimately, the presentation that won the vote was Luide Kakembo’s proposal to build a low-cost, multipurpose quadcopter using a carbon fiber frame. Aside from the obvious potential, both in the market and in impact, of light UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles), Luide showed a clear understanding of the challenges presented by building one in Kenya's current regulatory environment. His pitch was thorough and well-said, and ultimately convinced the voters of the value of his project, the benefit he would see in working at Gearbox, and the feasibility of making substantial progress over the next month.

Guts’n’Glory is a monthly competition held at Gearbox to help those with strong ideas for things they want to build get to the next step in their projects. Contestants get five minutes to present their idea to an audience made up of individuals who have donated towards the prize, who then vote on their favorite. The prize is made up of all the donations raised by the audience that month – this month it was 50,000 KSh – plus a one-month 3rd Gear membership to Gearbox and a month’s worth of free classes. 

The winner must then report back on the progress they've been able to make over the next month. We can't wait to see what Luide comes up with!

If you’ve got an idea for something you’d like to build at Gearbox, next month’s Guts’n’Glory night will happen on November 29th. Submissions are open now at If you’d like to contribute towards this month’s prize and be a part of choosing the winner, contact You could make a real difference and an immediate impact on the next wave of Kenyan inventors, designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs!