Possibilities for a Shared Manufacturing Platform in Nairobi

As regular readers will know, we at Gearbox have been quite keen to engage our community to help identify the gaps in the manufacturing ecosystem in Nairobi. We hope that a platform for sharing resources such as tools, training, and space can help fill some of those gaps, and it seems our community agrees! Last week, we partnered with iHub Research to conduct a survey of artisans, engineers, technicians, and entrepreneurs active in the hardware space in Nairobi. We've had around 300 responses so far, and the interest has been overwhelming. In addition to conducting the survey, we've begun holding a series of focus group discussions to delve more deeply into the challenges facing hardware entrepreneurs in Kenya. We held the first one at the end of last November, and we've got more scheduled for the next few weeks. We're sharing the results from the first one here. If you would like to tell us what you think about the challenges of hardware entrepreneurship, get in touch with us at info@gearbox.co.ke!