Great Times at the First Hardware Innovators Meetup!

IMG_0097 Last night’s meetup of Nairobi’s hardware development community was a resounding success! More than 30 people came and shared their ideas for things they want to make at Gearbox. Ranging from farm tools to affordable healthcare equipment to architectural models and home robotics, we saw a huge array of ideas that, so far, have lacked only the tools and space needed to make them a reality.

We certainly see no shortage of creativity or ambition amongst our community, and it’s our goal to see those dreams come to fruition. We can’t thank everyone enough for coming, sharing your thoughts, and bringing the spirit of openness and collaboration that makes the tech community in Nairobi so special. Last night was our first step towards building Nairobi’s own makerspace together, and with your help, we can make a truly great space to build great things!