Gearbox Pan African Network is a research, product development and prototyping organization that aims to improve the lives of hardware entrepreneurs in Africa.


Gearbox is a non-profit space around which a supportive ecosystem for hardware entrepreneurs is provided so as to create a pipeline of hardware-based businesses. The ultimate projected capacity of Gearbox is to house a collection of machines for design and prototyping of all classes of materials.


We are a team of engineers, economists, researchers, product managers, designers, data scientists, coders, business strategists, and policy and regulatory experts from around the world. We are passionate about bringing a transformation in today’s growing digital and industrial economies to make them

at gearbox

Gearbox prides itself on being a collaborative team that includes experts in Engineering, Manufacturing, business and data, who share a collective passion for finding solutions to create a more sustainable and efficient world.


Gearbox is located in Nairobi’s industrial area. our 20,000 square feet space provides a network of like-minded individuals and businesses with the know-how and resources that enable you take your innovation to the market.