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The ultimate projected capacity of Gearbox is to house a collection of machines for design and prototyping of all classes of materials, from metals to wood, plastics to electronics, concrete and ceramics, and more. The facilities are accessed by a wide variety of users including individual engineers and “makers”, SMEs and even established multinationals.

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We work across industries and geographies, leveraging and empowering highly specialized individuals with unique skill sets who foster relationships with innovators around the globe and we’re all driven by the desire to make a real impact. We are economists, researchers, product managers, designers, data scientists, coders, business strategists, marketers, policy and regulatory experts, and more, who harmonize our on-the-ground experience in the markets where we work.

Democratize Manufacturing


We inspire and catalyze hardware innovation in Africa by being at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa


We provide access to world-class engineering methodologies and learning experiences to build our regional capability


We provide access to the world class tools and equipment that will utilize the acquired skill to transform innovative ideas into tangible solutions.